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Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

The Scale Can Be Deceiving For Those Building Muscle


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There are some common myths that continue to float around the internet and with my clients at Arizona Training Lab. I would say it’s my duty to squash them and I’ll start with this one.

To be honest though, I understand how it could be confusing. Visually you could get thrown off looking at both equal amounts of muscle and fat but when you think for a second you realize it’s not correct.

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Let’s take a look.

We are all in agreement with this statement…

One Pound is equal to One Pound

Using examples:

  • One pound of jello is equal to a one pound brick.
  • One pound of ice cream is equal to one pound of feathers
  • One pound of cocaine is equal to one pound of marijuana

You get the drift. A pound is a pound no matter what the object is.

Here is where it can confuse people.

A One pound brick is going to be far more dense than a One pound bag of feathers.

Using muscle/fat as the comparison would be equal to saying…

One pound of muscle is going to be far more dense than One Pound of fat.

In fact, fat takes up roughly 4 times the amount of space as muscle.

So visually, fat will look much bigger than muscle, even though they weigh the same.


Fat will ultimately take up more space.

So to answer the question, Muscle DOES NOT weigh more than fat. They weigh the same but muscle is more dense. Because it’s more dense, it makes fat look like it weighs more even though that is not the case.

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